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Dr.Maxo Floor Cleaner

₹ 55.00 ₹ 70.00

Floor cleaner to keep your home fresh. Mix 1 part of floor cleaner into 20 parts of water, it dissolves easily and mop with a wet cloth. Leaves long lasting Pine fragrance.

Dr.Maxo Toilet Cleaner

₹ 60.00 ₹ 70.00

There's Nothing that makes a bathroom cleaner than a shiny toilet bowl, Free of dangerous germs. The best toilet cleaner for that is Dr.Maxo,With an advanced shine booster formulation, it boasts 10 times more cleaning power than other cleaners and helps kill 99.9% of germs.

Lizol Lavender Floor Cleaner

₹ 90.00 ₹ 93.00

Lizol Lavender floor Cleaner 

Lizol Floral Floor Cleaner

₹ 355.00 ₹ 362.00

Lizol Floral floor Cleaner